You want your home to be a statement piece, but unlike every other home? Your home should make you feel proud and inspired. We can follow the trends but lets put a new spin on it. Ania Maternicki, designer, thinks outside the box and puts her own spin on the unique interior design trends.

Looking at the 2018 design trends, Ania found some notable features to decorate your home;


Custom Furniture –  Have an odd shaped wall or want to separate a room?

Try curved furniture built to fit your home or scaled to cover an area!  AVA Interior Design can create unique furniture to match the space in your home and make it truly fit. Every option can be customized : shape, scale and covering, you can get the furniture that you want.

   custom furniture to fit interior decor etobicoke

Unique Stairways– an often overlooked customization in interior design is the stair railings and handrail. Customizing the Balusters with curved metal or replacing with clear glass makes for a truly unique interior.

  unique stairway options- interior decor toronto  custom staircase railings toronto unique design trend

Serene Spaces– Nature inspired palette- there is a shift back to natural colours like camel. Modern furniture and wall colours utilizing the natural palette and patterns can be tone on tone: from white, cream to camel OR high contrast with black. This adds the element of warmth and serenity to your home.

 comtemporary livingroom Mississauga interior design  interior design contemporary livng room

Invisible Doors– Imagine your home theater or great room unmarred by traditional doorways. Ania Maternicki, interior decorator Toronto has created custom paneling in home theaters with hidden doorways to keep the look of the milled wood panels in the whole space.  A special padded side of the door highlights the opening to the theater.

      padded theatre door