Interior Design Resources

We work with your Trades, Architect or Builder!

AVA Interior Design is happy to work with your own trades, your architect or  builder;  AVA Interior Design can act as a hired as a Consultant billable by the hour to offer advise on finishes such as Interior Design layout, flooring selections, kitchen finishes, hardware, carpentry, paint colours, lighting fixtures, architectural details, furniture, area rugs, wallpaper, accessories, drapery, and more.


Do You Require an Architect or Builder?

Over the years of working in the interior design industry we have made many contacts in the field including; architects, builders, qualified trades and have many resources for product and services.

For large projects it is imperative to find the best architect or builder for your requirements. At AVA INTERIOR DESIGN we can help! We have interior design & decorating resources to complement your project


Give us a call or email  and let us know a little about your project and we can refer you to the best resource for your job.